stiff1 S3 [stıf] adj comparative stiffer superlative stiffest
5¦(door/drawer etc)¦
8 stiff wind/breeze
9 stiff drink/whisky etc
10 stiff upper lip
[: Old English; Origin: stif]
1.) ¦(BODY)¦
if someone or a part of their body is stiff, their muscles hurt and it is difficult for them to move
stiff from doing sth
Her legs were stiff from kneeling.
stiff with
Her fingers were stiff with cold.
stiff neck/back/joint etc
Alastair woke with a stiff neck.
I never felt stiff after training until I was in my thirties.
The next morning I was as stiff as a board (=very stiff) .
firm, hard, or difficult to bend
a shirt with a stiff collar
3.) ¦(MIXTURE)¦
a stiff mixture is thick and almost solid, so that it is not easy to mix
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
a stiff dough
difficult, strict, or severe
stiff sentence/penalty/fine
calls for stiffer penalties for rapists
stiff competition/opposition
Graduates face stiff competition in getting jobs.
The development plans have met with stiff opposition.
BrE difficult to move, turn, or open
Pull hard - that drawer's very stiff.
if someone's behaviour is stiff, they behave in a very formal or unfriendly way
Their goodbyes were stiff and formal .
Parsons gave a stiff performance in the main role.
7.) ¦(PRICE)¦
a stiff price etc is high, especially higher than the price etc of similar things
a stiff tax on cigarettes
8.) stiff wind/breeze
a fairly strong wind etc
9.) stiff drink/whisky etc
a very strong alcoholic drink
10.) stiff upper lip
the ability to stay calm and not show your feelings in a difficult or upsetting situation
Men were taught to keep a stiff upper lip .
>stiffly adv
>stiffness n [U]
stiff 2
stiff2 adv
1.) bored/scared/worried stiff informal
extremely bored, frightened, or worried
As a child I was scared stiff of going down to the cellar.
2.) frozen stiff
a) extremely cold
Goodness, your hands are frozen stiff!
b) cloth that is is frozen stiff is hard because the water in it has frozen
stiff 3
stiff3 n informal
1.) the body of a dead person
2.) working stiff
AmE an ordinary person who works to earn enough money to live
3.) someone who you think is old-fashioned and too formal
His business tactics outraged the stiffs of the UK establishment.
stiff 4
stiff4 v informal
1.) [T] AmE
to cheat someone by not paying them, especially by not leaving a ↑tip in a restaurant
I can't believe that couple stiffed me!
2.) [I]
if a new product, film, show etc stiffs, it does not sell well or fails completely
= ↑bomb
They had a hit in the 1990s, but their subsequent releases stiffed.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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